The Rockin’ Staff of Mustard Lane

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staff of Mustard Lane

Mustard Lane’s stylish waiting area, where the magic takes place!

Here at Mustard Lane, we love to feature our #Laners, the brand ambassadors who work each event and staff all the parties.  However, we’d also like to recognize some of our staff who work hard each and every day on Mustard Lane, our behind-the-scenes heroes who keep Mustard Lane running from day to day!  With all of the growth we’ve experienced over the last year, we’ve taken on a number of new minds and sets of hands to get all the work done.  And boy, do they get it done in style!
Derek Jorden, who had been walking the Lane for awhile, started in January as the Chief Lane Operator.

Molly Montgomery joined a couple months later as Chief Lane Administrator, skillfully staffing events and adeptly aiding our clients in logistics. Molly has also been where a lot of our style element has come in!  Thank you, Molly!

Molly Garner, the “other” Molly, handles our social media, writing every blog post, Tweeting every photo and updating our Facebook statuses.  Her job is to keep Laners and clients well-informed of our day-to-day activities.  She is kept very busy!

Kelly Klein has been holding up the Human Resources arm of our organization for most of the year, while Zekee Silos, as Director of Recruitment, keeps funneling people her way.  While so much of our talented, hard-working and kind staff comes from word-of-mouth referrals, we also pride ourselves on finding great people to get anything done.  Kelly and Zekee have been an integral part of that process.  Thanks, guys!

Jillian Schiralli has been doing light office work since the spring and has proven to be a valuable on-site manager. We’re excited to have her join us in the office more in 2016.
Lastly, we’d like to give a shout out to zurnet for our very own custom-made and secure database that we lovingly call Dijon Express.  We use it for payroll, scheduling, and everything in between.

We literally could not function without the staff of Mustard Lane.  CEO Kristal Mallookis wants these people to know they’re appreciated!  Here’s to another healthy, happy year on the Lane!!!