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  • Heineken Street Team

    Street Teams

    Mustard Lane is a full-service, boutique staffing agency.  The cornerstone of our business lies in our energetic, effective street teams. In groups as small as four or as large as 100, our smart, approachable “Laners” have provided quality interaction in major cities nationwide for brands such as Heineken, Juicy Couture and Celebrity Cruises!  They are trained to identify your ideal consumer on the street, at the grocery store, or while picnicking in the park!  We’re pros at using costuming, stunts, and giveaways to create viral buzz around your brand.

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    Brand Ambassadors

    Our promotional staff don’t just stand there, palming off samples of your product to any person who walks by.  Our intelligent, professional brand ambassadors undergo extensive training to effectively communicate with your ideal consumer. Mustard Lane’s selective casting process means that we can guarantee each and every “Laner” we employ.  Not only can you depend on us to be the face of your company, but we also include detailed recap reports of the event, including photos and consumer quotes. And no need to worry about cleanup!  At Mustard Lane we set up and break down each event for you, plus we can store and transport product.  It’s all part of our full-service approach, which makes Mustard Lane stand out above the rest!

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  • Promo Models for Dove

    Promotional Models

    We provided 100 costumed butlers for Celebrity Cruises.  We keep sexy Santa costumes in stock.  Tell us what your needs are.  Do you need mad scientists to promote your crazy new beauty product?  Done it!  Do you need chiseled hunks to promote your new lifestyle magazine?  Easy!  How about some pierced, tattooed “freaks” to give out samples of your new energy drink? At Mustard Lane, we cater to your every whim. We also literally cater events, providing sexy servers, bartenders, coat check and shot girls for major clients. Peruse our bevy of “real people” and runway/print models to find the look that works for you and your brand. Then sit back and let us do the rest!  See our Facebook page for more fun photos!

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    Event Staffing

    Let your imagination run wild at Mustard Lane!  From coast to coast we not only provide the standard coterie of gorgeous hostesses, bartenders and wait staff, but also offer a full suite of characters to suit your distinctive needs. From opera singers to belly dancers, from drag queens to biker dudes, from Santa Claus to sumo wrestler, Mustard Lane’s staffers have one thing in common: personality. Coupled with professionalism and a can-do attitude, Mustard Lane has yet to encounter a staffing challenge we can’t meet.  Go ahead, try us!

    Event Staffing

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