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Our Team

Mustard Lane isn’t a huge company, but we’re doing big things. Over the past decade, we’ve created a family filled with thousands of super-talented brand ambassadors and promotional models from all over the country. In big cities and small towns, Mustard Lane’s staff has helped create memorable experiences for millions of people. To keep it all running smoothly, we have an excellent team based in New York City. Mustard Lane internal is made up of highly motivated individuals all working to ensure your brand is represented exactly how you’d like!

Chief Executive Officer, Kristal Mallookis

Founder Kristal Mallookis graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in dance. Upon moving to New York, she found herself out of a job—along with many of her gorgeous, talented friends. So Mallookis decided to create work for them, and in doing so uncovered an uncanny talent for marketing and promotion. Over ten years later, the tiny mustard seed of a company she built has grown into a full-fledged tree, with national clients and branches all over the country. Mustard Lane has gained a reputation for its smart staffing solutions and for Mallookis’ relentlessly upbeat attitude.