Need a lil’ BOOST?!

Matthew Borchers

Now, you may or may not already know that Mustard Lane's non-profit counterpart is Off The Lane! OTL is an organization founded by artists with a passion-driven interest to develop programs that empower artists and creatives.

One of those programs is...BOOST! And next week, they're hosting a FREE workshop and meet-up for folks interested in becoming and/or developing their skills as a multi-hyphenate artist in NYC! Sponsored by the BOOST program, this workshop is led by multi-hyphenate artists and BOOST Co-Chairs, Jillian Vitko and Ayana Major Bey.

And without further ado, let's meet the wonderful Co-Chairs of the BOOST program, Ayana & Jillian!

OK. So…can you tell us what exactly is BOOST?!

Boost's Co-Chair, Ayana

BOOST is like career therapy! We are your cool aunties who help you navigate your artistic journey in NYC. The sessions are once a month, and the program can last for up to six months for each BOOSTer. We customize an action plan and work on individualized challenges throughout the program to help you in propelling your career forward.

How did BOOST come to be?

Surprisingly, we both started working with the Off The Lane Mentorship program as Mentors, and then in 2020 we were approached to Co-Chair this new program! We were able to create it from the ground up based on the need for more guidance for artists who are newer to the city. Also, since it was in the middle of the pandemic, we were able to tailor sessions to traverse such unprecedented times.

What are your roles within BOOST and how long have you two been a part of it?

We're the Co-Chairs; we've been here since day one!

A little birdy told us there’s an event coming up on the 25th.. What’s it all about?! Can you give us any insider deets?

Yes! We're holding a workshop focused on the Multi-Hyphenate lifestyle. Both of us have many different paths of creativity within our artistic careers, and we'll be talking about how to balance each hyphen. This workshop is FREE and open to anyone who is interested in taking control of their career! Laners, Off The Laners, and everyone else is welcome! Hot tip: there will be snacks! (You can RSVP here!)

Boost's Co-Chair, Jillian

Now, we already know you both used to be Laners - but it’d be great to know a little bit more than that...Where did ya come from (..where did ya get the idea.) Did you both know each other before working for Mustard Lane?

We met working at Mustard Lane! (We think it was one of the OG Fresh & Co flyering gigs) We both still work as Laners from time to time, if the other hyphens allow!

Favorite ML gig/memory…go!

Ayana: Victoria's Secret pop up! 

Jillian: Probably the Snapchat Spectacles gig - I still wear the clothes from that one!

What brought on the transition from the events world/gig work to BOOST?

Well, the pandemic happened! Once we got over that initial shock, we decided to invest more in our hyphens. That time in lockdown gave us more of an opportunity to focus on those hyphens and help them grow. But we still love a fun ML gig now and then!

Anything else we should know about your own projects or BOOST?

BOOST has rolling admissions, and we've currently working with our fifth round of BOOSTers - to apply or learn more, visit

You can find out more about us at and AND you can listen to the episode of Ayana's podcast The Artist Pivot that Jillian is featured on (premiering April 24!) here: 

Well, there ya have it folks! BOOST is here to help you wear many hats, make more art, and meet more like-minded people. Next week, April 25th @7p at Meaux Space! See you there! RSVP HERE!

Poster for Boost's Upcoming Workshop

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