Our LANER OF THE WEEK is India Pineiro!

Matthew Borchers

Our Laner of the Week is originally from Cleveland, OH, but after graduating college, she pursued her dream in fashion and moved to South Florida. India owns a sustainable, unisex clothing brand called “We Are Not The Same” to show that everyone is beautiful and different in their own unique way. As if that isn’t beautiful enough, she’s also a mentor for kids with epilepsy. Let’s catch India’s answers to our Laner of the Week questions…

What do you like about Mustard Lane or just working events in general?

I love how the events with Mustard Lane are so much fun. I actually met my best friend from doing gigs! We get so excited when we get booked together now. Everyone is so organized, nice, and always makes me want to work again!

When you’re not on the Lane…what are you doing?!

I’m either working out , thrifting, painting on clothes, traveling on a one day trip somewhere spontaneously or hanging with my two cats.

Favorite restaurant or food?

“Love Life” in Miami. Best vegan food ever !

What is one of your goals for 2024?

To create more clothes for celebrities. So far I got Robin Thicke! I want to go to athletes, and maybe even Zendaya. Dream big or go home, right?!

Name a place you’d love to travel to. And why?!

My favorite place so far… it’s between LA or Colombia. I love the food and spas in Colombia along with how cheap it is, but LA is just filled with creative and unique individuals when I go during LA Fashion Week. I love surrounding myself around like-minded people; it keeps me going.

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off from the Lane?

SLEEP. I never get enough sleep because I’m non-stop. So if I could sleep, that just sounds lovely.

With the Grammy’s just behind us – who’s your favorite musical artist?

I’m a huge afrobeats fan so Omah Lay is my favorite artist right now. Besides him – Drake and SZA.

What’s your hidden talent?!

I can make better espresso martinis than your local bar or restaurant (:

If you could have your dream job tomorrow, what would it be?

I’m doing my dream job: working for myself designing clothes, modeling on the side! It’s fun and I’m happy. That’s all that matters.

What’s an essential part of your daily, Laner of the Week routine?

Always cooking my meals and working out…have to make time for that every day.

What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

Everything happens for a reason.

Salty or sweet?

As long as it’s gluten and dairy free, then either!

On that note…Pi Day (3.14) is approaching…what’s your favorite kind of Pie?!

Sadly, I’m not much of a pie gal. :/

What’s a brand or event that you would love to represent or work as a Laner should the chance ever arise?

I always love working Rolling Loud but if I could work Coachella – THAT WOULD BE AMAZING.

What inspires you most?

Life and every thing I go through.

To learn more about India, check out her instagram @indiajazell

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