A WeightWatchers Bachelor Proposal!

Matthew Borchers

A WeightWatchers Bachelor Proposal?! Yep! Right at the end of 2023, we embarked on something a little different for Mustard Lane… a multi-city, solo gig across the country!

Now, ML isn’t afraid of some travel arrangements…a huge part of what we do is figuring out how to get staff to/fro gigs that are off the beaten path. Heck, you might even remember that last summer we provided an Emcee in Cabo for a week! But typically, the more complicated travel-gigs are in one spot — not multiple cities!

Planning the Rose Ceremony

A “Bachelor-style Proposal” – that was the desired effect when WeightWatchers approached us with a need for a “Bachelor-looking” actor to travel with them to a few cities as a bit of a stunt. While this initially felt like a large request, under somewhat of a tight timeline, our internal team thought, “Hey, we’ve got lots of fantastic people who could do this! …let’s make it happen!”

After discussing the client’s needs, we were able to reach out to some lovely Laners who fit the description and gauge their interest and availability. We worked with the client to figure out which Laner would ultimately be the best fit, and landed on the oh-so-charming, Horacio! And it seems that he was the perfect choice; as we later learned that he did WeightWatchers as a kid. Full-circle!

Introducing our WeightWatchers Batchelor Extraordinaire…Horacio! He gave us the inside scoop…

So…tell us…what exactly was the gig?!

It was quite the unique experience! Weight Watchers has a group of influencers who are all currently on Ozempic and are posting their journey on social media. WeightWatchers wanted to congratulate them and surprise them for their commitment. That’s where I come in! I was hired to be “The Bachelor” and surprise them with rings (they are the same rings from the WeightWatchers app that tracks your fitness/diet/water intake). It was quick and fun; I traveled to four different cities across the country and got to meet amazing people! 

What were some of your duties and responsibilities?

My main responsibility was to memorize an engagement speech and be ready for any improv moments! The girls had no idea I was showing up so we had some really funny and unexpected responses. I’m thankful for my UCB Improv training and was prepared to change up words and go with the flow. 

Favorite part of the gig…go!

My favorite part of the gig was how emotional some of the moments got. Surprisingly, a couple of girls cried tears of joy from the support they felt. They couldn’t believe we flew all the way to their front door step to let them know how proud of them we were! 

Favorite part of the trip as a whole…go!

My favorite part of the traveling…honestly…I got to experience so many different Equinox gym locations at every city I stayed! haha Seeing that I go to the gym daily here in LA, getting to visit the Equinox’s all across NY, especially Hudson Yards, was such a treat. It was a nice surprise that there was one in Detroit as well. I got paid to surprise women in a tux and then got to enjoy a beautiful workout after. For me, that is the dream!! 

How was the travel? …from LA to NYC, and beyond…!

The traveling was great; the Ring Surprise only took about 20-40min. So I had a lot of down time and got to explore the cities I was in, which made for a very relaxing trip. I was in Manhattan, then Buffalo, Detroit, and then Texas. It was such a fun way to wrap up 2023. I’m thankful to Mustard Lane for such a unique experience!

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