What’s Your 2016 New Year’s Resolution?

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It's the first Monday of the year, and the holidays are officially behind us.  Today we test every 2016 New Year's Resolution that we made last week.  Life returns to normal, and  we're called to put our wishful thinking into practice. Fortunately, our #Laners are the determined, organized sort who set goals and achieve them.  We asked a smattering of brand ambassadors what their New Year's Resolutions were for 2016, and here's what they responded: Naima Ramos:  "For YEARS I have resolved to clean up my room once and for all with very little success. This year, however, I managed to really declutter my room for the first time in my life thanks to Marie Kondo's book on tidying." 2016 New Year's ResolutionDanielle Beckmann:  "I think my main goal is to get a legit agent in the film/TV world so that I can book more on the shows that I want, aka: Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orange is the New Black, etc. Also, in the New Year I am so excited to keep creating art with friends, PLUS teaching my workshops through my coaching biz, Clinch the Callback!" Gladys Torres:  "To learn how to drive.  I'm 26 years old. It's embarrassing!"  (We're rooting for you, Gladys!) #Laner Julianne Ruth has a bunch of terrific goals:  "My resolutions are to learn a new style of dance, and play my saxophone for people at nursing homes. I resolve to use the Photoshop skills that I will learn this spring semester to help models refine their headshots." Jillian Schiralli:  "To live my life with an open mind and an even more open heart!" Finally, Mary Kate Eckmann's 2016 New Year's Resolution is one we can probably all take to heart.  She says, "Every year, I resolved to not worry so much, and every year that resolution failed. The reason this resolution consistently failed is I kept exhausting daily efforts into the wrong reasons. So in 2015, I let go of a lot of baggage I had been holding onto. This year, I resolve to keep this feeling of contentment and keep pushing onward and upward by continuing to live for me!  I resolve to continue making music, to sing my heart out, and show people "why I'm worth a damn" (my husband's words hahaha)." So in 2016, here's to not worrying, to living with an open mind and an open heart, and to showing everyone why you're worth a damn.  Cheers!  Happy New Year!!