What Makes a Great Producer?

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Last week we discussed what it takes to be a great Brand Ambassador. We interviewed a few of our favorite producers to learn about what they like to see onsite. On the flip side, we wanted to hear from some of our core Laners about what what makes a great producer. The Laners had a lot to say for the first few questions so we've condensed their answers to summarize their overall opinions. Next time you're booking staff, this will guide you to better lead your team!

Do you appreciate a hands on producer? Please elaborate on what you prefer from the client.

Overall the Laners feel that it's important for a producer to be extremely detail oriented. The more information given ahead of time, the better. The team appreciates a producer who knows exactly what they need ahead of time and can clearly communicate onsite. They also find it extremely important for the producer to bring a positive attitude. The producer sets the tone for the staff so this is key for a successful event. Although the team enjoys a hands-on producer they all noted that micromanaging impacts the team's energy. It's good to convey all the important info and trust the team to execute.

What is the most helpful info to receive before arriving onsite? (Do you prefer a training deck, training call or being trained onsite?) Please explain which you prefer and why.

Majority of Laners noted that they highly appreciate receiving a training deck before the day of the event. Many of them find a training call to be helpful if there aren't too many people on the call. Often times the connection isn't great and people are nervous to not talk over others. Many of the staff juggle several jobs so regardless of previous training it is also important for them to receive a brief training onsite. This doesn't need to be a full training but simply an overview of expectations from the producer. The Laners also mentioned that the plans often change and last minute trouble-shooting is required so taking a few minutes for an in-person training is helpful to keep everyone on the same page.

How much guidance do you expect from a producer onsite?

  • It really depends on the job itself. I do like feedback. I feel confident now going into events because I feel a bit seasoned, and I have no problem with a client just leaving the job up to me and my own discretion.
  • As much as needed. They are not there to hold my hand but should give enough for me to do my job effetively.
  • I don’t have any “expectations” because every client is different, but I LOVE when clients have a clear game plan before we arrive so that the training information is concise and there are no grey areas.
  • Enough to do the job. Typically not much because it isn't needed, but enough to be aware of what is necessary to make for a successful activation.
  • Initially, a decent amount. Just so we know what they want and expect from us. After that, let us do our jobs with the occasional chance to check in see if we’re on target or if there is anything else we can do to help.
  • Enough guidance so we understand our roles/assignments before leaving us to accomplish them.

What are your favorite qualities in a producer?

  • Organization, as well as being a team player.
  • Fun, light hearted, instructive, and good with communication.
  • Clear, concise, & fun! Try not to micromanage once the event starts. Happy energy from the client breeds a smiling, energetic team! Give stressful, negative information or feedback directly to the Team Leads and allow them to deliver it to the BAs so they can adjust their delivery method according to the personalities on their team.
  • Organized, level headed, balanced temperament. a good leader, great communicator, solution based thinker and understanding.
  • Clear communicator, efficient with their time, and fun/easy going. We work fun events so when they are cool, calm and collected it makes everything way better and we enjoy the work more. When they talk down to us, or are stressed, it’s never a good event. This has only happened on one or two occasions.
  • An effective leader, communicative, respectful, approachable.
A big thank you to the Laners that participated in the interviews and to all Laners constantly representing Mustard Lane! 💛