What Makes a Great Brand Ambassador?

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Throughout our many years staffing events we’ve seen a whole range of events. From staffing pop-ups and street teams to event staff and costume characters, we’ve learned what it takes to throw a successful activation. We’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most organized and diligent producers who consistently plan successful events. Brand Ambassadors are truly one of the key components of an activation, they’re the face of the brand and play a large role in the success of the event. We decided to get advice from of few of our favorite producers about what makes a great Brand Ambassador and Manager.

When it comes to hiring staff for an event, what is the number one thing you are looking for?

  • Attentive, friendly people with agency, that have an interest in our organization and can represent it well.
  • A friendly smile and big personality. These two qualities go a long way!
  • A great Attitude!
  • We love personality!

If you request to review the staff bios before selecting your team, what are you looking for in the bios? (is it more about experience, their personal flare, their level of writing?)

  • Experience is key, but really its about attitude and aptitude, writing has nothing to do with it 😉
  • I like to find a staff that’s worked on similar brand campaigns, so they’re somewhat familiar with the territory of what to expect from consumers. I also like to see if they do anything unique in their own spare time.
  • Personal flare!
  • Personal Flare! A BA can have a ton of experience but still not be what you are looking for.

What qualities make up an all star BA?

  • Friendly, professional, intelligent and mindful of our organizations mission and how we want the project represented.
  • Listening and understanding what is needed from the agency. Not being shy about approaching people and treating all guests the same.
  • Jumping right in to help onsite.
  • Professional, great attitude, the ability to connect with the public and stamina!
  • Team player, quick learner, adaptable to any situation — we love Brand Ambassadors that are unique and let their personality shine through. When they can personalize the experience for consumers, that is key.

What do you expect from the team once they arrive onsite?

  • Consistency in message, public safety a concern, friendly and engaged with the audience.
  • I love when everyone is on time. If you’re early, you’re on time, if you’re on time, you’re late. My biggest pet peeve is when people show up and they’re eating food or asking to run out and grab coffee or a snack…this should be done on your personal time. When the team seems exited to be working, I love that….this isn’t always the most glamours work, but when there’s a good attitude, it goes a long way. I also like when the team asks questions, because it show’s they’re listening and they want to get things right!
  • Willingness to help out wherever needed and just helping to create a calm and organized atmosphere.
  • Eagerness to learn about the event/Excitement about the job.
  • Promptness, high energy, well versed in our staffing sheet and excitement for the event/activation.

What do you expect when you hire a manager? Please elaborate on qualities that you look for in a manager.

  • Someone who can trouble-shoot, address issues that may come up in the operations that we didn’t account for, and communicate those issues to us immediately. Communication is very key in a leadership position.
  • When I hire a manager, I like for them to take a lot of the responsibilities off my plate…..handling breaks, checking people in, checking people out, distributing uniforms…these tasks are small but they go a long way especially when we have a ton of other jobs on our list to get done.
  • Help to wrangle the team and keep everyone on their toes.
  • Have the ability to manage and know the team, place the staff in positions where they will shine. Keep the staff happy and energized…might be the most important!
  • Comprehension of our event goals and ability to course correct if needed to reach those goals, maturity, and previous event experience is key.

We hope this helped you better prepare for your next gig. For next week’s post we’ll be asking Laners what best prepares them for an event! A big thank you to the amazing producers that took the time answer these questions!