Virtual Telegram!

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which means in 2 days many of us will panic about Xmas and Hanukkah gifts! This year is especially challenging with sending gifts to loved ones we can’t see in person. Shipping gifts can be time consuming and expensive but luckily for you - we have the perfect gift for each person on your list! 


Mustard Lane is made up of insanely talented people and during the start of quarantine, we launched our Virtual Telegram Service so those talented Laners could spread happiness to people all over!! The videos are completely customizable and range from full movie scene reenactments to singing and even funny skits! 

Here’s how it works: Head over to the website, fill out the form with your request. Someone from the VT team will reach out to chat about customizing the video for your recipient. We’ll then select the best Laner for the role and send them the details. They’ll do a little intro explaining who they are and who sent the Virtual Telegram and then the show begins!! The Telegram will be emailed to your receipt on the day you request so get ready for a very happy phone call from them! 

Sure you could mail your grandma a sweater but she already has plenty and this will definitely make you the favorite grandkid!! To get a better idea of just how impressive these Virtual Telegrams really are, check out the showcase section of the website to watch some of the past telegrams! 

We can’t wait to hear from you!!