Virtual Game Nights!

M / L

Are you bored of Zoom happy hours filled with small talk? SAME! Luckily Mustard Lane is filled with the most amazingly talented staff of all time and we’ve been able to spice things up! Not only are we hosting Mustard Lane game nights for our teams but we’re hosting them for clients as well!

As you may know, we’ve been hosting Virtual Events throughout quarantine for different work teams across the country. We’ve covered everything from mocktail classes to calligraphy and game nights!! So far the virtual events have been a success with the game nights being the most commonly booked events!

The game nights have become a HUGE HIT! Thanks to our incredible Operations Director, Deven Anderson for figuring out the ins/out of hosting successful virtual events! We’re now more confident than ever in bringing teams together for a fun, exciting virtual experience!

Deven and our talented Laners have been hosting Jeopardy nights, Heads Up, Charades, Scattergories and more! For Jeopardy nights, each board is made by our team and the clients have the option to add in questions about their company or their community!!

Be sure to reach out to book your next virtual event or to chat through the different events we offer!!