Toasted Almonds Tonight!

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Toasted Almonds Yes, all of the Early Bird tickets to Toasted Almonds are sold out.  But use the DISCOUNT PROMO CODE TA to get $5 off the price of an advance ticket! Tonight's event is at the ever-hip JWT bar at 466 Lexington Avenue (2nd floor).  We have a slew of amazing sponsors:  Accentuating Service, a personal concierge and coach service; writer Julia Rogers, solving all of your press-related needs; Spark Growth Partners, maximizing the digital and social strategies of your company; Tiny Couch Design (Big Concepts.  Great Design), and the colorful printing company Earth Spectrum.  Emma eMarketing will also be on hand to help with your email/marketing campaigns, and Small Pond Enterprises makes an appearance just prior to their RAD2014 debut this Sunday, May 18th.  (For more info, click here.)  And as usual, there will be over 150 creative professionals to drink, rub elbows and otherwise hobnob with. Complimentary libations are provided courtesy of Cusquena, Aquila, and Cristal.  Red Thread Good Coffee will be on hand with their tasty cold coffee concentrate, which, if you haven't tried, you're missing out!  And not to mention, that the Craig Greenberg Band will be playing a live set of music for your listening pleasure! In fact, if you aren't there tonight from 6 to 9, you're missing out!  Use this opportunity to exchange ideas and business cards with other like-minded professionals.   Hope to see you there!