Tiffany Thomas is the Laner of the Week!

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Tiffany Thomas:  Doing Mustard Lane and America Proud

This week's #LOTW, Tiffany Thomas, is a former member of the American military.  Thank you for your service, Tiffany.  We were lucky enough to meet up with her when she re-located to Austin, Texas to reignite her acting career.  These days, if she's not working on a student film or commercial, she simply can't sit still for long.  One of the coolest things about Tiffany is that she's always attempting to learn something new, from Japanese to belly dancing. Currently, she's pursuing her B.A. in Theatre and Dance. When we were staffing Austin's SXSW Festival, we found Tiffany via her  actor page on  Of working at the Cafe Bustelo pop-up shop, Tiffany says, "The vibe was so upbeat, and it felt like I was welcoming customers in my home for a great cup of coffee."   She also enjoyed working with Google's Cloud Platform.  "They had light sabers and robots!" she gushed.   "The child in me was ecstatic!" We asked Tiffany Thomas why she enjoyed being a brand ambassador for Mustard Lane, and she gave three terrific reasons.  "We get to affect people in positive, memorable ways with our own positivity," she answered. "We've all had dull or bad days, and sometimes tiny event can change our day for the better. A free cup of coffee and a smile can influence a customer more than you know." Secondly, "The co-workers are the coolest! All of the #Laners I've met have had diverse backgrounds and fun-loving personalities. They definitely work hard, but play even harder!" (She's right about that!) Lastly, Tiffany pointed out that "all promo work is unique."  She may be working a movie screening one day and helping out at a cafe the next day. "It's impossible to get bored when your job is constantly changing," she says.  "I love the challenge!" We certainly had a wonderful experience working with Tiffany Thomas.  This disciplined, creative young lady can make any brand pop.  We love having her as one of our #Laners.