The Street Teams of Mustard Lane

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Street Team Mustard Lane

A member of our Cafe Metro street team!

Over the last few years, street teams have become incredibly popular in the marketing industry.  Maybe it’s because today,  with all the technology and social media, people have become adept at blocking out traditional advertising.  Maybe we need face to face interaction with living, breathing human beings, in order for a product to make an impression.

For whatever reason, street teams have become a standard line item in marketing budgets, particularly for entertainment companies, the tech industry, and corporate brand marketers.  That’s great news for us at Mustard Lane!  We got our start doing street teams for the NY chain Cafe Metro, and we still show up regularly at locations throughout the City to hand out flyers or yummy samples.  But we have grown.  Today you are likely to run into a #Laner passing you a beer at a Heineken event or passing out flyers on Rodeo Drive, decked out in Juicy Couture!

A street team member from Mustard Lane will be approachable, smart and also more than a little fearless!  Having honed our skills on the mean streets of New York, we don’t take it personally if you don’t take our flyer… but we’re going to try to give it to you anyway!  We love to strike up a conversation about the products we promote.  Ultimately, we aim to create an emotional reaction from the consumer.  We want them to love the new specialty soup.  We want them to get excited about Duane Reade’s newest line of beauty products.  We want them to kick back with a Heineken, or unwind with some retail therapy in the Juicy Couture store in Beverly Hills.

Of course we want to provide our clients with measurable results.  But we also want their potential consumers to love their products as much as we do!  It takes a lot of energy, but we love hitting the streets to create buzz!