The Laner of the Week is… Steven Staine!

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Steven StaineSteven Staine is an actor AND a singer AND a writer.  He was born in Manhattan, but spent most of his life in the Dominican Republic. If there were one phrase used to describe him, it would be “passionate about life.”

Steven Staine has a lot of exciting projects in development.  Next month the web series Expensive Dreams will be released, which is about four friends trying to find their footing after graduation.  Later this year he will also be shooting a crime thriller web series called Kovar.  And be sure to look for him in the dramatic new web series, Stand By Me.

Even though Steven Staine is incredibly busy, he calls workingfor Mustard Lane “an amazing experience.”  He’s met such great people that he says, “It doesn’t even feel like work.”  We hear that a lot on Mustard Lane!  We’re thrilled to have this multi-talented brand ambassador on staff.  To find out more about #LOTW Steven Staine, check out, or find him on Twitter and Instagram @stevenstaine.