The Laner of the Week is… Mychal Phillips!

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Laner of the Week event staffer Mychal PhillipsThis Laner of the Week event staffer Mychal Phillips has one of the coolest names on Mustard Lane. She is one of our coolest gals, too!  You know it's going to be a fun event when Laner of the Week event staffer Mychal Phillips makes an appearance. Audiences across the nation are getting a healthy dose of Mychal's charm.  She plays a leading role right now in the national tour of Anything Goes.  "I am playing Erma, a loud and brassy gangster's moll," Mychal explains.  "She constantly has an entourage of five or six sailors following her around! An audience member said it best:  I walked out after the show, and she exclaimed, 'You're the FLOOZY!' As much as I'm having fun playing the floozy out on the road, I miss my Mustard Lane peeps!"  Of course we miss her a lot too, but we are thrilled for her success.  We will see you when you get back to the City, Laner of the Week event staffer Mychal Phillips. Until then, enjoy tour!  And have a great holiday out on the road!