The Laner of the Week is… Matthew Francis James!

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Matthew Francis JamesThis week's #Laner joins us from across the pond!  Matthew Francis James is a British-American performer training at Broadway Dance Center in New York City.  After graduating  from university in July, where he studied performing arts, Matthew Francis James decided to move to New York the following month to study at BDC on their Professional Semester Program. "I am super fortunate to have dual nationality and be able to work here in the US," he says. His good fortune is our good fortune!  We've come to love Matthew Francis James due to his reliability and good nature.  His flexible schedule suits our needs, as well as his.  "My schedule changes day to day, but all the time but they [Mustard Lane] are so understanding and helpful."  Working on the Lane has also allowed him to really explore his new home.  "I love being a Laner because of the variety of work you get to do.  It gets you out and about in the city!  I'm new to NYC so I'm still finding my feet. but the Lane has helped!" Matthew Francis James just completed his professional showcase December 4th at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center.  We're glad to have had him in New York to work with us while completing this terrific course.  Best of luck, Matthew!