The Laner of the Week is… Evan James!

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Laner of the Week Evan JamesThis week's handsome Laner of the Week, Evan James, hails from Austin, TX. He was born in Midland, TX in 1980, and moved to Arkansas City Kansas, then to Groton, MA before returning to Texas in the mid-1990s. He went to high school in Austin before  he moving to Boulder, CO, then once again returned to Austin to attend college at Texas State University.  Suffice it to say he's lived just about everywhere!  In school Evan James studied Spanish and International Business. After graduating, he worked in the corporate world for several years before trying out acting in January of 2015.  He feels like he has finally discovered his calling!  Evan James is also an avid lover of music, motorcycles, and the arts. He is "very pleased to have made the acquaintance of the good folks at Mustard Lane, and is looking forward to working with them any chance he gets."  We love working with our Laner of the Week!  He really shone at our recent events with Vanity Fair and Varvatos.  We hope you get to meet Evan James soon.