The Laner of the Week is… Danielle Cortier!!

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[caption id="attachment_727" align="alignleft" width="436"]later of the week danielle courtier That's Danielle on the left![/caption] This week's Laner of the Week, Danielle Cortier, was born and raised in Indiana, where she grew up dancing and showing horses. After studying dance at Ball State University, she moved to NYC, where her older sisters Melanie and Valerie had already set up shop, and began to craft her dance career.   This Laner of the Week is currently dance captain of Eidolon Ballet in Concert, with whom she performed at the prestigious Jacob's Pillow and Fringe Festivals.  She has done a ton of freelance gigs, including dancing backup for Twenty One Pilots on Late Night with Seth Meyer! She also danced with Mariana Bekerman's company and is currently helping to produce a NY performance for Keiko Fujii Dance Company from Japan.  When she's not working on the Lane, she teaches ballet at  Ballet Academy East on the Upper East Side, which is how she met ML founder Kristal Mallookis. "I have been with Mustard Lane for many years and can never give it up, no matter how busy!" Laner of the Week, Danielle Cortier, says.  "Every Laner is so much fun, it is like being out with all your friends every time you work. Everyone is always doing interesting things, and it is so inspiring to be around all these talented people."  Danielle is certainly one of our most experienced, reliable #Laners, and we are lucky to have her on Mustard Lane!  Thanks for your enthusiasm and dedication, Laner of the Week, Danielle Cortier!