The Laner of the Week is… Dalton Davis!

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Laner of the Week Dalton DavisThis week’s Laner of the Week Dalton Davis is a huge ball of energy.  He is always moving and shaking– literally.  He can’t keep still.  And we love to focus that busy energy on promoting our clients and their products.  Laner of the Week Dalton Davis works as a street team member, a brand ambassador, and a promotional model with the New York City chapter of Mustard Lane.  “Working as a #Laner is fun,” he says.  “The staff at Mustard Lane are the nicest people on the planet, and they put my energy to good use.”  Yes, we do.  Thank God!

When he’s not on Mustard Lane, Laner of the Week Dalton Davis works as a performer and actor.   Predictably, his work resume is varied and eclectic.  At Indoor Extreme Sports he frequently plays a Russian Mob Boss for Club Escape, a Zombie in the Zombie Experience, and a face character for their upcoming Zombie Carnival!

Despite his villainous resume, in real life Dalton smiles a lot!  We’re always happy to see him, and we embrace his crazy energy.  “I’m grateful to be a part of Mustard Lane because of the variety of gigs they they extend to their employees.”  We’re happy to extend them to him.  Meet Laner of the Week Dalton Davis at Mustard Lane’s next NYC gig!