The Laner of the Week is… Cherie Celeste Malone!

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Cherie Celeste MaloneThis week's Laner of the Week, Chérie Celeste Malone, graduated from Bucknell University with a major in English (Media & Film Studies) and German, and a minor in Theatre. This smart girl currently resides in New York City and works full-time as an actress and part-time as a barista and brand ambassador for Mustard Lane. Chérie's main goal is to become a successful working actress and further her experience in the Film and TV arena by writing, producing, and creating more essential and diverse material within the industry. Recent credits include the role of Mrs. Adams in next year's independent film Alice in America and a feature in the docu-series The Business of Acting, soon to air on PBS in 2016.  In March of next year she's part of the cast of Death of a Barber at the Nia Theatrical Production Company. "I truly enjoy and love being a Laner because of the opportunities I receive to meet other artists pursuing their dreams," says Cherie Celeste Malone.  Aside from meeting other actors, dancers, singers and musicians, she gets to travel the City doing unique jobs that help pay her bills.  "I could not ask for more!  Most of all," she adds, "the atmosphere of Mustard Lane is amazing."  It's even better when you're with us, Cherie! Check out Cherie Celeste Malone online at or on Instagram at Cherie_CM.   Congratulations to this week's #LOTW!