The Laner of the Week is… Apriel Biggs!

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Laner of the Week, Apriel BiggsWe love this week's Laner of the Week, Apriel Biggs!   She is a lover of life and all of the magic it brings. A Connecticut native, Apriel is a proud Husky and graduate of the University of Connecticut. Showing brains and beauty pair nicely, Apriel is also a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Her mantra, “it works, if you work it” stems from her belief we have to work what we’ve got. Our Laner of the Week is passionate about helping young women become the author of their lives. From her weekly radio show to volunteering, her purpose is always the same – to challenge women to see beauty through their own eyes and build a life THEY love. Now in the city where dreams are made, #LOTW Apriel is loving the Big Apple. With the spirit of a champion, she feels in life we are either the passenger or the pilot. Most recently a brand ambassador for Lane Bryant, Apriel wants the world to know that plus size women are equally beautiful and worthy of celebration. Excited to be the Laner of the Week, Apriel wants us all to dream big, stay focused and surround yourself with amazing people.