Our First Time at the SXSW Festival

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SXSW Festival

IMG_0519At the 2016 SXSW Festival, Mustard Lane staffed 12 separate events, employing over 65 #Laners.  Most of these brand ambassadors were new to Mustard Lane.  We got referrals from our wide pool of talent in the Houston, Dallas and New York area.  Working with partners such as Pop2Life, MKG and BMF Media, we provided staffing for events held by Google, Comedy Central, Cafe Bustelo and more.  We had a blast! Each individual event had a wild streak-- just like SXSW.  At the Kegs and Eggs booth, guests were welcome to free beer and breakfast tacos while they dunked famous historical figures in a dunking booth hosted by the Comedy Central show Drunk History.  At the Cafe Bustelo pop-up cafe, anyone could stop by and get a free cup of coffee.  If they returned the next day with a friend in tow, they got a free gift.  That's what we call a win-win!  At the Google Village, our staff distributed Bingo cards for a rollicking game meant to build buzz for Google!  And with Delta, we invited festival-goers to find their "social soulmate."  They stepped into a booth that aggregated each individual's SM feeds to find someone with the same likes/loves/dislikes/penchant for cat videos that they had.  Those who tweeted about it were eligible to to win a free trip! SXSW FestivalAll in all, it was a crazy, fun-fiilled week.  The #Laners had a blast.  "Cafe Bustelo pop-up shop got the crowd so excited," said #Laner Julianne Ruth.  "It was such fun to see people light up like Christmas at the phrase, 'Free Coffee?'" "Comedy Central takes the cake when it comes to brand ambassadoring!" exclaims another #Laner.  "Taking care of laughing people... is job description heaven!" First-time #Laner Courtney Brewer said,"I loved working with Google Cloud Platform. There is something magical about being in an environment where it is cool to be smart!" We were happy to have so many cool, smart people on staff.  Thanks to all of the Texas #Laners, the new and the old, who worked at SXSW this year.  Hopefully we will see you all again next year!