Steffen Whorton is our Laner of the Week!!

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Meet Steffen!! Our talented and strong Laner of the Week!! Steffen is an actor who loves living in New York City! He refers to it as the greatest city in the World! He is a boxing coach and an avid D&D player. When Stephen is not on the Lane, you can find him bringing art and performance into every aspect of life! We love that about him! He is hardworking, steadfast, and a complete asset to every event he works! We love having him on the team!

What do you like about Mustard Lane or just working events in general?

Mustard Lane is an amazing company. I feel like they actually care about their Laners and their flexibility and understanding are second to none.

What is a quote that really resonates with you?

Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles. - Charlie Chaplin

How do you define success?

Success for me is happiness. If I’m happy I’m successful.

Whats the last thing you watched on Netflix?

I just started Squid Game, but normally I have a stand-up special on.

Where is the most interesting place you've been?

Everywhere I’ve traveled has been interesting in some for or another. But the most interesting place I’ve been would probably be Jamaica.

What pets did you have growing up?

We were a dog house. Though I did have a cat named Midnight at my Grandma’s house.

What is a movie title that best describes you?

Man on Fire.

What is the most impressive thing you know how to do?

Either a backflip, or juggling. I’ll let you decide which is more impressive.

What is something you will NEVER do again?

Live in the town I grew up in.

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? Or are you a mashup of celebrities? Which ones?

When my hair was long I would get “Dave Grohl” a lot. I loved it.

Whats a brand or event that you would love to represent/work should the chance ever arise?

The Tony’s!

To learn more about Steffen feel free to check out his Instagram @Steffenwhortonofficial!