Spotted on the Lane… Once Kids at the NYC Toy Fair!

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NYC Toy Fair


Mustard Lane was happy to help Once Kids, a Dallas-based toy company, when they came to town for the NYC Toy Fair.  It was a special treat for us. We always love what we do, and we love to work with clients and staff who also love what they do.  Over Valentine's Day weekend, work was literally play.  Our #Laners loved working the NYC Toy Fair with Once Kids. Real-life parents Brad, an industrial designer, and Emmy, a marketing entrepreneur, formed this creative toy company in 2013.  Their mission is to offer a range of unique, environmentally-sound, well-designed toys and creative kits for kids.  Their gorgeous Eco Bricks, for example, are made from cherry wood for greener LEGO play.  They were a huge hit at the NYC Toy Fair!  Once Kids was even featured on the Today Show and on Fox and Friends while they were in New York.  We were so proud to be a part of their team.  #Laner Mary Kate Eckmann said, "I had an absolute blast with Emmy and Brad from Once Kids at the Toy Fair. They embodied the complete spirit of their product: youthful, imaginative, playful and fun."  She added that the days went by very fast, as there was barely a second without a curious potential customer. "We were literally the hit product of the venue," she said.  "I will absolutely work for them again!" We very much hope that there will be a need in the future!  We loved working with Once Kids, and we wish them all the best of luck.  Hopefully we'll see them again the next time they head to New York City!  Find out more about this amazing toy company at by clicking on the link, or get your daily dose of cute by following them on Twitter.  For more adorable photos, find them on Instagram!  We had so much fun working for them at the NYC Toy Fair!