Spotted on the Lane… Spindrift Soda!

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  We get plenty thirsty here on Mustard Lane, and sometimes we really need a cold drink.    If we're looking for an environmentally conscious, tasty, and not necessarily alcoholic beverage, our first choice is Spindrift soda.  In fact, we're a little obsessed.  Here are the top five reasons for our obsession: [caption id="attachment_776" align="alignleft" width="436"]Spindrift Soda Here's the bike, now where's the hunk?[/caption] 1.  THEY DELIVER IT TO YOUR HOME!  No, for real.  New Yorkers expect to get just about everything delivered to our tiny apartments, and Spindrift knows how to work that angle.  A hunky young thing will pull up on a bicycle, take your case of soda out of this awesome sidecar/basket thingy, and put it directly into your waiting arms.  At least that's what happens in our fantasy.  To test our theory, check out 2.  THEIR BITCHIN' FLAVORS Spindrift Soda is comprised of sparkling water, evaporated cane juice, and fresh-squeezed juices and/or fruit purees.   That means instead of a metallic, sugary taste (what flavor IS Coke, exactly?), you're drinking grapefruit soda, or tangerine seltzer, or sparkling half lemonade/half tea.  They're refreshing AND good for you.  Take that, Dr. Pepper. 3.  MY SODA'S COOLER THAN YOUR SODA Sorry, but it's true.  Because of their emphasis on fresh fruit purees and simple, quality ingredients, Spindrift only produces 500 cases a year.  It's delicious, it's nutritious, and it's rare.  We love being in the know!  For a store location in your area, check out  And if you're dying to sample some before buying, keep an eye on the Mustard Lane blog and FB page.  We'll let you know when and where we're giving it away.  That's right, GIVING it away! 4.  IT'S GOOD FOR THE PLANET Spindrift partners with a whole slew of non-profits that are devoted to preserving water resources, both globally and locally.   Check out their website for the truly mind-blowing list of partners.  And when we recycle the darling glass bottles-- or use them to decorate-- we're doing our part to erase our carbon footprint. 5. YOU CAN ADD BOOZE TO IT Could this argument be made for all sodas?  Well, probably, but for all the reasons listed above, we can feel good about adding vodka to Spindrift Soda's sparkling cran/raspberry juice, as opposed to adding it to Red Bull, which can't possibly be good for you.  Right?  Ooh, a vodka cranberry sounds good... gotta go!  #spindriftsoda [caption id="attachment_775" align="alignleft" width="436"]Spindrift Soda A typical Spindrift promotion on Mustard Lane[/caption]