Spotted on the Lane: PepsiCo!

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[caption id="attachment_958" align="alignleft" width="403"]PepsiCo Our sexy, health-concious Laner promoting SmartFood products.[/caption] This HUGE multi-national brand has made its presence known on Mustard Lane for more than three years.  While PepsiCo's umbrella covers about a gazillion brands in over 200 countries worldwide, our Laners stick to a few fabulous products:  Naked Fruit Juice, Smartfood Snacks, Sabra Salsa and Hummus, Izze Sparkling Juice, Cracker Jack'd deliciousness, and Frito-Lay's Flamin' Hot Munchies.  (Have you tried them?  Seriously, they're flaming hot.  No false advertising there!) You've probably seen one of our cheerful, personable #Laners handing out free samples of any of the above products at various college or gourmet locations.  PepsiCo has divides its products into three distinct brands:  Good-For-You brands (Naked Fruit Juice), Fun-For-You brands (Flamin' Hot Munchies), and Better-For-You brands (Smartfood).  At Mustard Lane, we're believe in all three 'cause, hey, sometimes a girl needs Fritos and sometimes she needs a fruit juice.  We love a brand-- and a person!-- who can embrace them all. So here's to another three plus years promoting this excellent global brand!