Spotted on the Lane: MKG

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[caption id="attachment_903" align="alignleft" width="436"]marketing agency MKG Kick-ass Superbowl promo with MKG and Delta![/caption] Experiential marketing agency MKG could be our favorite client here on Mustard Lane.  (Shhh… don't tell the others!)  This boutique firm works hard to create fun ways for the brands they represent to interact with their target audiences.  Marketing agency MKG does it all:   brand strategizing, digital integration, social media marketing, event production, web design, you name it!  They keep themselves-- and us-- very busy!  It's through them that we have had the chance to work some of our coolest activations for major national brands such as Delta, JP Morgan, Weight Watchers, and Evian, among SOOO many others.   And yeah, we love the exposure, but we also literally love all of the event producers who work for MKG.  You'll get an idea of how quirky their entire staff is by going on their website and checking out pictures of team members' feet.  Intrigued?  It's an intriguing company!  We're beyond grateful to be part of the marketing agency MKG circle. In fact, our great NYC working relationship has opened doors on the West Coast as well, and we look forward to working with the LA branch in the near future!