Spotted on the Lane: Actors Pro Expo!

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Actors Pro Expo

Professional actors are not exactly a new sight on Mustard Lane.  After all, our fabulous #Laner staff is comprised mostly of working models, actors and dancers.  Which is why we’re so pleased to be participating in the Actors Pro Expo April 26th right here in New York City.  From 10 AM to 5 PM, all sorts of creative types will descend upon the Radisson Martinique on West 32nd Street with one goal in mind:  surviving as an actor in the City.  The goal of the Expo is to introduce actors to various ways of making money outside the profession, using their craft to their advantage, developing ideas to sustain their careers, and finding new opportunities to show their work.

The Actors Pro Expo was founded by actors for actors.  Since we love to hire actors, it makes sense that Mustard Lane will be on hand to bring in new talent.  We also hope to see some of our talented Laners there to network with other working professionals.  This event will hopefully be the first in a long run of events.  The project first got underway in England and has had terrific success at similar events in London, Edinburgh, and Manchester.  The next logical stop was NYC!  We’re glad to be on board with this exciting team.  Click on the hyperlink to the Facebook page for tickets and more information!