Spotted on Mustard Lane: Cafe Metro

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[caption id="attachment_396" align="alignleft" width="436"]Cafe Metro This gaggle of hotties includes Mallookis herself, front and center![/caption] If Mustard Lane were a New York City boulevard, Cafe Metro would be as ubiquitous as Starbucks.  (And in certain parts of Manhattan, it is!) We have all the love in the world for this fast casual restaurant, without which CEO Kristal Mallookis would never have gotten Mustard Lane off the ground.  Her first promo job was as the Cafe Metro "Pressini" girl, and the rest is history.  Since the owners are Greek, Ms. Mallookis fit right in with their friendly, keep-it-in-the-family vibe, and they helped anchor Mustard Lane with steady, high profile work.  For the past nine years, Laners have been handing out fliers, salads, pizza, and sandwiches to prospective Cafe Metro clients.   We love showing up to work with their employees and their regulars.  We also love the food!  Be sure to check them out both online and at their various locations throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Cafe Metro