Spotted on the Lane: Red Rooster!

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Red Rooster"Marcus is awesome, not to mention a super fly dresser!" These are the sorts of responses we got when we asked #Laners about one of Mustard Lane's favorite clients, Red Rooster Harlem.   Named after the legendary speakeasy, this New York restaurant is located just off 125th Street, in the center of Harlem, and is run by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson.  It blends American comfort food with the chef's Swedish culinary traditions.  It has been a hit ever since it opened, and has hugely influenced Harlem's current Renaissance. Whenever Red Rooster is called upon to cater an event, they call Mustard Lane for staff.  After a referral from our friends at Herb N Peach, we began working with them over five years ago.  "When you do as many events as we do, using the crew from Mustard Lane lifts a huge weight of stress off our backs," says former event coordinator Jeannette Park.  "Without a doubt, this is the most fun, professional, hard-working, efficient, and reliable crew of amazing people and personalities."  Over the years we've gotten to know Jeannette and the rest of the team well, including super-fly dresser Marcus, and the good feelings are reciprocated.  "I always love working with Red Rooster," says former (boo hoo, we're not over it yet) Director of Recruitment Zekee Silos.   "Their staff takes care of us, and we take care of them.  Their chefs are hilarious, our client contacts are so friendly and helpful, and we always do gigs in the coolest places with them." "I couldn't be more thrilled with the working relationship that we have built with the Red Rooster team. You know you are a good fit when you can execute a massive event pretty darn seamlessly. #TEAMWORK!"  exclaims Mustard Lane CEO Kristal Mallookis. We have a massive event this Saturday, the All Star Code Summer Benefit in the Hamptons.  All Star Code is a non-profit that prepares qualified men of color for full-time employment in the tech industry.  We are thrilled to contribute to their cause, and thrilled to be working once again alongside our favorite people from Red Rooster Harlem.