Spotted (Just Off!) Mustard Lane…

Longtime friends Mike Johnston and Betsy Spina knew what they were doing when they came together some months ago to create the You Tube show Just Off Broadway.  These former Radio Disney hosts have created a cute and clever show that turns viewers away from the garish lights of Broadway to focus on actors, singers and dancers carving out careers in New York City.  With over 50 subscribers and well over 2,000 views, #JustOffBroadway provides a captivating glimpse into the lives of real people pursuing their dreams and, in the process, makes those dreams seem a little more attainable!  They also highlight New York City landmarks that are just off the beaten path, focusing on Washington Square instead of Times Square, and Hamilton Heights, not Brooklyn Heights.

Thanks to Mustard Lane’s rotating roster of working artists, a lot of #Laners have found themselves on Mike and Betsy’s couch.  Acting coach Danielle Beckmann and performer Jillian Schiralli are just a few #Laners who have sat down to talk about “the business.”  This week Mustard Lane CEO Kristal Mallookis follows suit, chatting about why she makes a point of hiring working artists for her staff.  “It goes along with the theory that you want to do business with people that you like,” she says.  “I try to be likeable, you know, keep the business coming in.

“New York City is a hustle,” she adds.  “Whether you own a business or not, you’re constantly hustling!”

Check out the You Tube video!  And be sure to subscribe to #JustOffBroadway. We will see you there!