Sean Hankinson is our Laner of the Week!

M / L
Sean has been on the past for two and a half years. He's one of our core NYC Laners and we feel so lucky to have him on the team! His favorite ML gig has been working with Shopify not only because he loves the company but he admires the Canadian and the energy of the Shopify team. When asked about ML, Sean said, "I love the Laners! Showing up to a gig is always a pleasure because the other Laners are such dynamic artists." Outside of the Lane Sean is an actor, check out his work hereHe's also an amateur baker, avid board game player, movie theatre goer and traveler. Sean is the voice of America's Favorite Boyfriend, Ken. You can hear him on the "Life in the Dreamhouse" series on Netflix, Nickelodeon, YouTube, Sean's Website etc.

Blue vs Yellow?


What famous person would you want to meet?

Catherine O'Hara -- pure genius

What is your spirit animal and why?

Catherine O'Hara?

Best pick up line you've heard?

Nice shoes, know where this is going.

If a movie was made about your life, what actor would play you?

Everyone has told me more whole life that I remind them of Jim Carrey and I'm banking on playing him some day, so I want him to play me. It would get very confusing when I'm playing him playing me playing him playing me....

Favorite restaurant/ best item on the menu?

Ahhhh! This is too hard. I'll say, in NYC -- Caracas Arepa Bar, La Surena arepa. You have to try the Chimichurri sauce!

Favorite movie/ why?

Spaceballs because it shaped my comedic mind.

What character have you always wanted to play?

Bobby in Company, but I don't do musicals anymore. hahah Maybe when I re-start that.

Favorite 90s jam

U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer

Something that made you smile today

I introduced myself to my Barista at Starbucks (addict). Her name is Kerera and her smile was infectious, so I smiled.

Celebrity crush

Joe Manganiello (looks), James McAvoy (talent)

Your best halloween costume?

A 70's Pornstar complete with blonde mustache and a 20" homemade phallus tucked in and out of my shorts (took a pic with a Nun)

Morning or night person?

Morning, but end up burning the midnight oil.

What's your hidden talent?


What would you do with 15 minutes of fame?

Something to secure fame for a couple years, so I have the platform to help others.

What is the most bizarre job you've done?

Professional Organizer -- tackling Hoarders one person at a time.

Most embarrassing moment

I don't embarrass easily, but I definitely ended an audition with "Jazz Hands" -- I didn't book the job.

What flavor ice cream would you be and why?

Oh, ice cream! How I miss ice cream. I can only do the froyo (curse you, Stomach!) -- Graham Cracker Flavor with PB at 16 Handles.

What time period would you visit in history?

Elizabethan (I would have the best teeth)

What's the longest word you know? (NO GOOGLING)

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I'm sure this is a tired answer)

Who do you look up to the most and why?

"Fixer Upper" --- I'm obsessed with this home remodeling TV show. #Chip&Joanna4ever