Rose Frezza is the Laner of the Week!

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Rose Frezza:  Seeing the World Through Rose-Colored Lenses!

This week's #Laner of the Week is native Texan Rose Frezza!  Funny, quirky Rose is an improviser and actress living in Austin.  She recently collaborated with us on SXSW, the music, film and media festival based in her home town.  Of working at one of the industry's coolest events, Rose says, "I had a blast!  I worked at the Comedy Central Kegs & Eggs house.  My favorite parts of the job were greeting everyone with a smile at the door and hyping the guests waiting in line." Making people smile comes naturally to Rose Frezza. Her background is in small business management and advertising, but comedy is where she shines.  After taking her first improv class at the Hideout Theatre in 2012, she fell helplessly in love with it.  These days she manages publicity for the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin and performs with her all-female troupe, Physics Curse.  They were recently invited to perform at the Chicago Improv Festival in May 2016.  Congratulations Physics Curse!  For those who don't know, that's a huge deal in the world of improv! In fact, it was her improv background that brought Rose to us.  "An email from Mustard Lane was forwarded to me by the owners of the Hideout," she explains.  Rose appreciates our friendliness and organization.  "I love the convenience of your scheduling system, Dijon Express!  It makes it super easy to book jobs!" she says.  "[The Mustard Lane team] has been 100% friendly and positive from the start, from the main office in NY to the on-site staff at the events.  I also love any job that allows me to interact energetically with guests in a fun environment." We're lucky to have such an enthusiastic brand ambassador on the Mustard Lane staffing team.  We wish Rose Frezza the very best.  Congratulations on being this week's #LOTW!