Laners in Reopening States!

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Meet Jeremy!! Our Laner from Georgia! As cities and states around the US start opening back up, we want to hear how that is effecting our Laner community!! Starting with Jeremy!

What state have you been Quarantined in??


Where was the first place you went when the pause was lifted?

Straight to work!

Who was the first person you hung out with?

I was hanging with close friends just spending time with them.

How is it different now interacting with strangers?

You just take necessary precautions to keep your distance

Back to work yet? What are you doing?

Yes, i have been working more hours doing security. Work for me hasn’t stopped.

Are you concerned for health safety as things appear to be a new normal?

No I’ve always taken care of myself personally.

Do you have any upcoming travel plans or staying put?

Staying put making money i have a family to financially prepare for.

What still isn't open that you're DYING to do?

Clubs because I love to dance.

Advice for those of us still quarantined?

Be safe keep a mask if you are afraid or concerned if you don’t want to come out just stay don’t complain for those of us who do.

What is one positive thing you got out of this quarantine experience?

I learned a lot about stocks educate yourself and enhance your life in various aspects make use of your time!