Laners’ Reopening Experience!

M / L

Meet Elena!! Our Laner from Georgia! As cities and states around the US start opening back up, we want to hear how that is effecting our Laner community!! Your turn Elena!!

What state have you been Quarantined in??

Atlanta, Georgia.

Where was the first place you went when the pause was lifted?

I went to my friends place as it was her birthday.!

Who was the first person you hung out with?

My friend Jennifer.

How is it different now interacting with strangers?

I have not really interacted with strangers much, unless you count people in a grocery store or a gas station. In those cases, it’s very polite but distant.

Back to work yet? What are you doing?

I’ve been teaching online a few hours a week but am eager to go back to my regular job.

Are you concerned for health safety as things appear to be a new normal?

I’m not very concerned because I see how much people are taking precautions and if we keep up the good work, I think we will be to start seeing progress soon.

Do you have any upcoming travel plans or staying put?

I don’t have any travel plans.

What still isn't open that you're DYING to do?

I really want to go back to work as I love what I do. Other than that, probably going to a pool to get some sun.

Advice for those of us still quarantined?

Be patient and positive. Try to have some human interaction online and call your mother.

What is one positive thing you got out of this quarantine experience?

I learnt that I can adjust quick if needed and I learnt to appreciate people around me even more.