ML Virtual Services: Y’all ready for this?

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Featured Post By Deven Anderson

PREFACE: It's important that during this blog you channel images of six foot distant high fives, kittens 'hanging in there,'  and hazmat suit edition hugs all whilst stirring underneath Shania Twain's reassuring lyrics to 'You're still the one,' - "Looks like we made it...look how far we've come my baby..."

Now that I've effectively set the mood to this Origin Story of Mustard Lane's Virtual Services, let me begin the narrative: "It was a dark and stormy night." Most of the world had just finished their first week of isolation, stuck in their homes and forced to learn all the begrudgingly subtle nuances of their significant others or roommates who are most definitely NOT Rachel/Chandler/Joey/Ross/Phoebe/Monica...nuances that we DON'T WANT TO KNOW. 

Now back to the dark and stormy was a wait, was it a Friday? Or quite possibly a Thursday, I don't know, time is a little funny right now. Kristal, our CEO and 'Oh Captain my Captain' had issued us all a challenge to brainstorm ideas of innovation that just might keep an industry alive and kicking. All the world has been pushed to innovate. This has been a forced evolution...even for staffing companies like Mustard Lane. It's sink or swim time and Mustard Lane has chosen the Dory approach to "just keep swimming"!

The Virtual Services of Mustard Lane mainly stemmed from the realization that we possess an incredible database of INSANELY charming, creative and dedicated people...Laners, for short. These Laners cover the gamut of pure talent; Actors, Singers, Models, Dancers, Musicians, Comedians, Fashion Designers to that one guy who's really good at Kayaking...appropriately named Phil. These talented individuals have shown us time and time again that their personality, professionalism and dedication to approachability is so powerful and vibrant that there was no doubt it could even transcend the screen. 

Mustard Lane has a wealth of individuals ready to share, create, adapt, teach and inspire at a moment's notice. That's too can learn the finer intricacies of Kayaking during Covid from our illustrious and esteemed Phil.  And what's most important is that these Virtual Services will not only help enrich and cultivate your lives...but you will also support local artists. Not a bad exchange all things considered.

Now...Lets break everything down for you - (Great time to cue up Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's 'Good Vibrations'). Feel it, feel it. 


We recently created a very fun sizzle reel to send to prospective clients. You can check it out here. To basically sum up, The customizable Content Package is a chance for companies to purchase a wide array of Tutorials to help enrich the lives of their employees during this time of isolation and afterwards. Perhaps it's time to knuckle down and become the Bob Ross you were meant to be!


Have you ever received a 'like' on instagram from someone you don't know and upon further exploration you discover all the familiar symptoms of a Russian-Bot? Now you could click on that profile and forever wonder if Natalya is watching you through all your devices - or you could hire Mustard Lane's Social Ambassadors. Charming, Clever and Popular Laners who will take up the cause to boost whichever Social Media Post or Page you would like. It's time to sit at the big table. 


With such massive events such as San Diego Comic Con attempting to go Virtual, Mustard Lane is also ready to supply Virtual Brand Ambassadors for these events. Whether you need Virtual Greeters to host your online Panel, or pre-record brand messaging/talking points for your booth - to a Virtual MC ready to host an entire session we will have the right person for you. 


The Virtual Product Specialist owes its origins to the in-store demos we all know and love. There are just some products out there that need clean and precise explanations for everyone to enjoy the product at its fullest - Enter our Virtual Product Specialist who could easily prerecorded step by step instructions and pre arranged talking points...whilst adding that Laner pizazz to the social community.


Was public speaking never quite your thing? Still haven't been able to figure out if you're doing a decent Zoom interview or presentation. There is hope and help for you yet! As opposed to my incapable roommate who doesn't know how to close a cabinet door, there is no hope for him. Mustard Lane introduces into this Virtual World our invaluable and effective Coaching Sessions. Our Laners have spent hundreds of hours in front of the camera and in audition rooms, training on every aspect to get the gig. Get a few pointers from some friendly folks and enjoy the results. 


Virtual Telegram has been our most active Virtual Service since the isolation began. The Virtual Telegram is a means to spread joy in Telegram form by way of a talented Laner. Our team puts forth an extra effort in creativity and passion to deliver the perfect message for you, plus the money they receive goes a long way. Yet another reason to support these Virtual Services; you are supporting true up and coming artists. Since its inception, we've had such Telegrams as a heartfelt message of love and care before a heartwarming rendition of Happy Birthday from the great Meghann Reynolds, an Indiana Jones film parody meant to bring about smiles from the talented Patrick Pizzolorusso - and Alex & Tim Stewart showing you just how much fun they can have on camera to Pink's 'Raise Your Glass'. Please reach out and make someone's day today. While still in its infancy, ML's Virtual Services can be a game changer in your life and your company's as well. Utilize and support a database of talented individuals who seem like they've been your friend for years. 

Ok, well that's about it. And as an honest guest blog writer, full disclosure: Phil isn't real. It's safe to say we all wish he was real...and God only knows the joy it will bring when I meet a Kayaker named Phil. 

Time to cue up The Beach Boys - 'God Only Knows'. Stay healthy everyone.