Our #MustardHeart

M / L

Here at Mustard Lane we run off of lots of mustard love. Our family here is unlike any other. Our community is made up of 500+ amazing Laners that have helped to created such an awesome Mustard Family. Kristal Mallookis, the founder and CEO of ML has built a company based off of transparency, honesty and so much mustard love! 

At the mere age of 23 Kristal saw the need to provide survival jobs for the creatives. With her background as a dance major at University of Northern Colorado, Kristal was fully emerged in the performing world while living in NYC.

She began building a positive and fun environment for her staff to work survival jobs. The base of her company has stood true throughout the years. Over the past 10 years, Mustard Lane has grown rapidly but the small family community remains. Kristal’s employees have a sense of family when they’re working ML gigs. Kristal abides by her standard of never making a Laner do a job that she wouldn't do. Here at the ML, office we always make sure to protect our Laners and make sure they’re comfortable with each and every job that they work. All emails at ML are sent with #MustardLove and usually a plethora of XOs. In return, the Laners have not only found jobs from ML but a family and creative community to surround themselves with.

Check out what some of our Laners have to say about #MustardHeart!

Avi Roque - Chicago

"Although I'm rooted in Chicago, Mustard Lane does feel like another chosen family. Sure, most communication for gigs are done via email but the emails are always warm, personable and detailed, and I am a person who loves details! I don't feel like I am just a person receiving an automated response, that I am just a number or a basic employee. I feel valued, respected and appreciated. Which in turn, allows me to do my best work. So, I am proud to have a #mustardheart, without a doubt :)"

Morgan Troia - New York

When we asked Morgan what she thinks about ML she responded, "The feeling of welcoming and family. Everyone that works for ML is so friendly and you can't help but have fun while working. It barely feels like work!"

Jessica Broomhead - Las Vegas

"Everyone at Mustard Lane is always a joy to work with, and definitely at the top of their game! I know whenever I work a lane gig, I'm working with the best!" 

John Michaels - New York

"The community of passionate artists and creators who can come together and within minutes, consider themselves friends. It's been the most positive group of coworkers (and administrators/managers!) I've ever worked with."

Abby Bartish - New York

Abby likes, "the other Laners!  Everyone I have met through this company is a dream to work with - they are genuinely nice, extremely welcoming, and just a blast to be around!"