This Month, Over at Off the Lane..!

Matthew Borchers

Dave Malloy's Ghost Quartet

We had a sit-down with Sophie, the Program Manager at our nonprofit, Off the Lane, about the next ColLab show, happening this week!

Ok Soph, so...
What exactly is "ColLab’s Ghost Quartet?"

Our next ColLab production is an exploration of a selection of songs from Dave Malloy’s Ghost Quartet, featuring professional actors, live music, and dancers participating in a dance painting practice to create visual art pieces. The performance and art pieces will be presented on June 3rd, 2023 at 7:30pm and 8:30pm, with the visual works available for auction throughout the evening. Doors open at 7:15pm for performance #1 and 8:15pm for performance #2.

This multimedia, interdisciplinary project was conceived by E Gomez, a queer trans/non-binary director in NYC.  E has been an avid and vocal supporter of Dave Malloy’s works, and is passionate about honoring what has come before, while also bringing a new perspective to light.

Part of this Ghost Quartet exploration includes an invitation to join us for one or BOTH of the evening’s performances. If you choose to purchase tickets to both performances, our stellar cast will take on new roles and new staging. WHOAAAAA.

What is Ghost Quartet?

Well, we want to keep part of the magic of Ghost Quartet a spooky surprise, but I will tell you that Ghost Quartet offers the nostalgia and intrigue of sharing ghost stories around a campfire, and taking it up a notch with more depth and more stakes. You’ll just have to find out the rest…

Why did you choose GQ for your first project as program manager at Off the Lane?

Producing Ghost Quartet is fulfilling a lot of dreams for me as an artist (and in this case, a producer). I dreamt of interdisciplinary work that pushes the boundaries while keeping community at the forefront, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with these actors, musicians, and dancers. It’s a chance to invite both artists and audiences to the bonfire, and expose them to a way to make theatre that is not often done.

Favorite song???

“Any Kind of Dead Person” is a whole graveyard party, but “Hero” stabs you right in the heart. You’ll get it.

What did the ghost say when it walked into the bar?

I’m here for the BOO'S! ;)

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