Monthly Recap – November

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THANKFUL doesn't even begin to describe how we feel here on the Lane! November was another busy month internally and out in the field! With 794 shifts worked, 52 successful events, and 53 new Laners - November confirmed what we already knew to be true - We are so thankful for our Laner community. We wish you all a happy, healthy, and yummy Thanksgiving Day! Here's a little bit of what our internal team has been working on over the last month!

"I can't express how grateful and thankful I am. From my wonderful internal team to our hardworking Laners to our clients that continue to choose Mustard Lane. My Mustard Heart is fuller than ever this year." - Kristal Mallookis

"This month was crazy bananas, but teams ALL over the US and Canada really pulled it out! One of my fave events that I worked on was for Tik Tok at the Latin Grammys in Vegas! Our team worked in the artists lounge where the performers and their entourages would come and hang, take pics, enjoy refreshments and chill before the show! The team had an absolute blast handing out swag and helping with the photo booth surrounded by all the Latin Grammy nominees!"

"I am so very thankful for our internal team here at ML. Whether it's everyone banding together when we have a callout, family lunch, fit min (1 minute planks throughout the day) or just being there while we bounce ideas off of one another. The vibe is SO good! New additions Matty and Meghann are a breath of positive fresh air and our fearless leader, Kristal, keeps the sunshine and bubbles alive when we get grouchy. I love our team (including our fave social media lady, Tara :)" - Jillian Schiralli

"Let it be known that Mustard Lane Staff goes above and beyond for all occasions, and this blog entry serves as proof. At the beginning of November our staff was hired to help with the premiere of the Apple+ movie 'Spirited' with Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. Serving mainly as directional staff in a sea of important people, our staff of 6 were stationed at various spots throughout Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Square."

"As the event was slated to be very Celebrity heavy, our staff helped direct the flow of well dressed and festive holiday attendees. In attendance were celebrities like Octavia Spencer, Brooke Shields, Busy Phillips and several members of Saturday Night Live (In addition to the appearance of Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds)"

"NOW to the fun stuff. After the roar of the crowd died down and Red Carpet celebrity seeking curious Carols made their way to their seats, Mariah Carey arrived 30 min late. Mariah Carey in true celebrity fashion arrived late, had her own private Red Carpet photo session and then made their way to their seats - BUT - the production company did not have any more popcorn or water for Mariah Carey. Mariah Carreys turbulent and unforgiving Lieutenant asked our staff to solve this. And just like that Mustard Lane's directional staff for the evening became temporary PA's for Mariah Carey. We walked several blocks to the AMC Lincoln Center Theatre where we picked up 11 Large Cokes and 11 Large Popcorn."


"The decision for which items was out of our pay grade, despite our initial reaction to the order...but we delivered. We grabbed the popcorn and large sodas and returned to the premiere waiting in the wings for the perfect moment to deliver. (It turns out how we placed the straws in the sodas were incorrect, and the fact that the company ran out of popcorn and water made the crowd turn on them).

In the end, we delivered. In more ways than one. An early Christmas Miracle and one that earned our staff gold status for rolling with whatever is thrown their way!" - Deven Anderson

"One super fun event this month was for Stranger Things Day in NYC and LA. Apparently November 6th is the date that Will Byers disappeared. Who knew?! In each city we had teams of BA's distributing swag and hyping up the crowds who all came out to view screenings of the last two episodes of the most recent season of the show. "

"We also had an emcee/host in each city who led pre-screening trivia and some other fun games for some big crowds of super fans. In LA we had OG Laner extraordinaire, sweet Betsy Spina hosting the pre-show and in NYC we had ML Internal's very own Deven Anderson!" - Susie Gannon

"Beginning of November is always busy as we kick start it with the NYC Marathon! From the expo, to Race Day, to Post-Race recovery zones - we're there through it all! This year, we had our little Laner toes in lots of Marathon-related things, but it was especially cool to work with MilkPEP for the first time! Got Milk? We certainly do! (Pairs nicely with Mustard.) MilkPEP created an awesome bright, white activation where female-identifying runners could register for Team Milk. By registering, Gonna Need Milk would match their marathon registration fee with a donation to Girls on the Run!"

Did you know only 7% of the $30 billion spent globally on sponsorships is directed towards sportswomen?! Milk hopes to bring awareness to the gender discrepancy.) Once registered, they could partake in the rest of the activation which included a stellar photo op, stickers, shirt+tote bag, stretching sessions and even an onsite nutritionist! ..and our Laners were there to make it all happen! Always special to be involved with an activation that has a great cause." - Matty Borchers


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