New Year’s Resolutions on MLK

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Resolutions MLK Day is here, and we figure it's as good a time as any to evaluate those New Year's Resolutions we made.  So here's where we stand on our top three: 1.  Stop sampling the salads! Can we help it if these Fresh & Co salads are so delicious?  No, we can't.  But we can leave the samples for you and order one for ourselves as soon as the shift's over.  We're doing well with this resolution, although we have to renew our resolve every single shift!
Resolutions 2.  Hobnob with celebrities. This photo, taken from the VIP Room, at the Jingle Ball, keeps "popping up" in our slideshow feeds.  It reminds us that we have the coolest job ever.  With Mustard Lane expanding so quickly, it seems like we'll have more opportunities to rub elbows with the rich and famous!  Woo hoo! 3.  Have fun at work. Always!  This isn't exactly a resolution:  more like a mantra.  We plan on doing this well into the New  Year.