New Year’s Resolutions 2014

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As we head back to work next week, we are determined to make 2014 better, brighter and even more fabulous than last year!  But... full confession:  it's hard to make New Year's Resolutions when we have such a fabulous staff to begin with.  (New Year's Resolution:  be more humble?  Nah.)  We feel ready for whatever 2014 brings to us!  But after a little brainstorming, here are the Resolutions we came up with: 1.  Hit the beach when working the West Coast.  As Mustard Lane expands its territory-- oops, boundaries-- we mean to take advantage of ALL the perks of being bicoastal, by which we mean sunny SoCal's glorious weather.  Headed by Laner Caitlin Wyatt, we launched our West Coast chapter last year.  This February's Toasted Almonds event is slated to go up in Santa Monica, and we anticipate even more of a presence out there in the coming months.  But this year, we're packing bikinis. Juicy Couture2.  Wear designer clothes to more amazing cities.  (We hate ourselves a little for this one, too.)  Last year Mustard Lane hit the streets of 15 US cities to promote Juicy Couture.  Along with New York and Beverly Hills, we hit up Vegas, Miami, Boston, San Fran, even Waipahu, Hawaii.  Where to next?  Vancouver?  London?  Mexico City?  Hey, we can dream! 3.  Come to work wearing a smile.  Of course, every Laner excels at this.  But it never hurts to have a reminder, especially when "showing up to work" means spending two hours on the street in 20-degree weather starting at 6 AM on a Monday.  (Sometimes our jobs are not so glamorous.)  But no one ever hears our Laners complain.  We are thrilled to have each and every one of them, both staff and clients, and we look forward to a happy, prosperous 2014! [caption id="attachment_856" align="alignleft" width="327"]New Year's Resolution Mustard Lane Shivering, yet smiling, a Laner promotes the NY Post and Wolf of Wall Street in New York this December.[/caption]