Mustard Lane and the NYC Marathon 2015

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[caption id="attachment_1666" align="alignleft" width="327"]NYC Marathon #Laners checking in the runners.[/caption] We asked our #Laners to describe what it was like working on events leading up to the NYC Marathon.  The words that kept coming up were "inspiring," "positive," and "motivated." "I love working the marathon events because I'm inspired by all the positivity and how supportive everyone is. And I love talking to people, learning their story, and learning about their culture. I really want to run a marathon now!" gushes #Laner Lisa Bettencort. "I talked to the man who has had the most marathon finishes ever! This will be his 40th finished race. So inspiring!  And he was 75 years old!" says Kara Guy. Our Laners never have a problem walking up and talking to people, but at this event, they are excited to do it.  We are working several events in conjunction with the NYC Marathon.  In the days leading up to the race, we worked with NYRR at the Marathon Pavilion in Tavern on the Green at Central Park.  Our job was to work with Airbnb to man lockers  for any athlete running in the park who needs storage. In the same way that Airbnb provides places for people to stay in the City, they also provided places for people to stash their things while training in Central Park.  Great idea, right? We are also very proud of the work we did with TCS promoting the official app of the NYC Marathon.   It allows family, friends and fans to keep track of their runner on the route, while providing easy access to event information, image libraries, time charts and much more.  It was easy to promote such a fantastic piece of technology, and our #Laners really enjoyed themselves. [caption id="attachment_1673" align="alignleft" width="436"]NYC Marathon Keeping our sense of humor at the NYC Marathon Expo![/caption] "I have loved connecting with runners from all over the globe!  This expo is such an amazing melting pot!" says Laner extraordinaire Danielle Beckmann.   Stephen Ellis agrees.  "First time runners of the marathon make me consider going for bigger goals in my own life," he says.  While all of Mustard Lane's events are fun, few are that motivational. Lastly, on the day of the race we will be at the start line!  Woo hoo!  While it may make for an early morning-- the day after Halloween, nonetheless-- we're stoked to be handing out Gatorade swag and assisting the medical tents at the Start Village on Staten Island.  Even better, we'll be working with our friends from event company Eventage, which is always a party-- even at 5 AM!   We wish all of the runners well.  Thank you for the inspiration. We're rooting for each and every one of you! NYC Marathon   IMG_2420