Monthly Review – September

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Goodbye summer and hello pumpkin spice everything season!! Here on the Lane we are highly caffeinated and excited to jump into all our fall events! September was SUCH a busy and exciting month for our clients and Laners! With over 48 events, 594 shifts staffed and 22 happy clients, our Laners were as busy as ever all across the country! Let's hear what our internal team was working on this past month with our monthly recap!

How has Mustard Lane's staffing process evolved this year?

"This year has been specifically challenging in regards to staffing for a number of reasons. We've had to basically rebuild our database (Dijon Express) as many of our Laners moved markets, transitioned from working events or are just more selective on the type of gigs that work. Our internal team is onboarding on average 50-75 new Laners per month to keep up with all of the events we are booking! It's wonderful seeing new Laners mesh with the OG Laners...all like minded, all AWESOME." - Kristal Mallookis

Meaux Space is fabulous!  Tell us about some of your recent bookings!

"Why thank you! We think it's FAB, too! We have been doing a ton of offsite meetings lately that have been very fun. A lot of companies have downsized and gotten rid of their offices so they come to Meaux Space for the day or multiple days to have large meetings with clients and with their teams. It's really exciting to see teams who have been working remote this whole pandemic meet in person for the first time! We have even had some cool focus groups in the space with puppies! And who doesn't love a puppy?!" - Jillian Schiralli

Over the past month, what event has challenged you the most and why?

"Between July-September, I worked on staffing a multi-city pop-up tour with Victoria's Secret Pink. We had stops in Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa, and Columbus. In some cities we had tried and true Laners that were available to jump in and work with us again, but in other cities, I interviewed and hired entire teams of new Laners! It was super interesting to get a glimpse into how different staffing can be from city to city. I loved getting to connect with new & seasoned Laners alike around the country. This project definitely had it's challenging moments (some that I might prefer to forget), but was ultimately super rewarding! It sounds so silly, but I actually got a little choked up seeing the event pictures of the staff in each city. The team in Columbus rounded out the last city of this tour with a bang, surpassing numbers of attendees and giveaways in all other cities. I'm left feeling so proud of the hard work and positivity our Laners brought to all 5 cities." - Susie Gannon

You have been incredibly creative with projects/film work through the pandemic.  What was your favorite project to work on for ML?

My favorite project I took part in with Mustard Lane was not an event....and wasn't an interview (sorry all you lovely people) but coordinating and filming our little Holiday Video that we passed to our Laners and Clients at the end of 2020. Usually for Holiday Season we are buying socks and hand delivering them to clients and special friends to the Lane....since this past Holiday Season was ripe with social distancing holiday sentiments we went virtual. We decided to send everyone a fun tailored Holiday video featuring our Laners in some favorite Holiday Movie Scenes. Just a fun clever toast to the talent we have in our database and the movies we all know and love come December."

"We filmed the Home Alone 'aftershave' scene right here in our office bathroom with Jillian as 'Kevin McCallister.' Jason Michael Miller channeled his inner Buddy the Elf and filmed a scene here at the office - complete with breaking an entire bottle of Maple Syrup in between takes. 
Perhaps the most memorable part of this experience was trying to capture the 'You'll shoot your eye out kid!' scene from 'A Christmas Story!' Our film crew took to Central Park at, like, 7am on a Rainy New York Morning so we could film the 'Slide scene' from 'A Christmas Story.' Nichole Naccash borrowed her boyfriend's khakis which she ruined from sliding up and down a playground slide in the rain...and I even put on a Santa Costume in the middle of Central Park and sat at the top of the slide. Not weird AT ALL. And despite all my efforts, you really cannot forget telling a Laner, who is soaking wet, dressed as a little boy, hanging at the top of a slide if they can 'Go Again...'
And of course we had to film the Elevator scene from Die Hard because I rock a pretty decent Alan Rickman impression. 
The process was long and involved a lot, but it was a project we were all very excited to take part in and share with everyone... even though it really didn't have anything to do with work. I still like to think it made a few clients smile and a bunch of Laners laugh. That's really all that matters." - Deven Anderson

Enjoy The Video!