Monthly Recap – October

M / L

‘Let’s give em pumpkin to talk about’ – Laners had a wonderful and BUSY October!! With one of our biggest events yet, this fall has truly kept us all on our toes and we couldn’t have done it without our fabulous team of Laners! With 797 shifts worked, 83 killer events, and 25 wonderful clients…this spooky season put us all to work! Including our 40 new Laners!! Welcome to the crew! Our internal team is focused on growth and excited to share what events they’ve been working on this month! Let’s hear a little about what they’ve been up to!

“This month in addition to our usual ebb and flow of large and small events we conquered a mega event in the Bay Area with a record breaking amount of brand ambassadors onsite for 4 consecutive dates. Thank you to our amazing Laners on the field from our incredible managers, leads and brand ambassadors for helping make the event such a success! I couldn’t be prouder. The internal team at the office continues to take one step at a time to keep up with all of our clients’ needs while making sure our Laners are set up for success and prepared for each and every event. I am just so grateful for all of the momentum we are feeling here on the Lane.” – Kristal Mallookis

“Meaux Space has been on fire this fall! We are back to our roots with some good old fashioned birthday parties and wedding celebrations!We hosted the most beautiful wedding celebration for Andrew and Francisco. It incorporated fall colors, candles, a treat table and an amazing gallery wall. There was even an electric violin player. The pictures speak for themselves!”

“We also had a fun 50th birthday that incorporated all the BEST foods of NYC. Katz’s deli, Joe’s pizza, and some amazing sushi just to name a few. Mustard Lane bartenders and servers really helped bring both of these events to life. If you want your small event to be a success, book Meaux Space for the venue and ML for your staff!” – Jillian Schiralli

“Mustard Lane had the distinct privilege of representing the new AMC TV show, a re’vamp’ of the classic Anne Rice novel ‘Interview with the Vampire’ – You remember that right? It was a sweet movie in the 90’s? The movie with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise? Well, it’s back and our Laners got to work a premiere event for it!”

“To celebrate the show’s opening, AMC held a private screening at the luxurious and rustic Roxy Hotel in downtown NYC! As the guests, VIPS and executives exited the screening they entered a themed Speakeasy right out of New Orleans 1910, complete with our Laners outfitted in period appropriate costumes and sporting specially molded vampire fangs! Our cast of Vampires mingled, danced and interacted with the crowd in character all throughout the evening!”

“A truly unique and memorable activation months in the making, Mustard Lane was tasked with hiring a Costumer, a makeup artist and even someone to create the Vampire characters to set the scene! Each Vampire was given a specific identity and a look/outfit specific to their character, complete with gleaming colored contact lenses and decent Vampire fangs!”


“It’s not everyday you get paid to wear period appropriate rented costumes, put on fangs molded for your teeth, have someone assist with your Vampire makeup all while digging deep into the details and minutiae of a creature of the night!” – Deven Anderson

“This month has been a whirlwind with lots of events all over the US and Canada! A major highlight on my side of the Lane was working with one of our favorite clients, Worn & Wound for the 3rd time this year. We’ve had Laners working at the Windup Watch Fairs this year in San Francisco and Chicago.”

“This time the fair was in our home base city of NYC! Each BA was paired with a different watch brand for the duration of the weekend, spreading the love of tiny wearable clocks to all of the attendees. A great *time* was had by all!”” – Susie Gannon


The Mentorship Program will be wrapping up through their 8th Session in a few weeks, BOOST is planning for 2023 and we are hosting the very first ColLab performance tonight! A Night of Spirits will be one night only featuring shows and spirits! Audience members will have the opportunity to view three 1-on-1 performance pieces from dancers, musicians, and actors.

The audience will gather in a shared space for drinks and socializing, and then they will be individually invited to experience each of their 1-on-1 performances over the course of the night. Tickets will be divided into 2 Groups and space is limited. BUY TICKETS