Monthly Recap – May!

M / L

It's gunna be MAY! :) And boy, it was a busy one! With 787 shifts worked, 74 events, and 31 clients...May kept us all on our toes and beaming with excitement!! We even had 52 new all-star Laners join our team! Welcome to the crew! Our internal team has been working hard to bring clients and Laners together to partner on some major events all around the country! Let's hear what our internal team has been up to over the last month!!

"I feel like every month we continue to talk about how busy it is, but WOW it sure is busy! We have been staffing some really large fun projects all over the country this month and we are just gearing up for MORE of that. It's been so nice to be back working on the regular with clients that we have worked with for years."

"My internal team continues to blow me away with their care for each and every Laner making sure their experience working on the Lane is positive. To all the Laners... Thank you for continuing to show your Mustard Hearts out on the field. To all of our clients... We are grateful that you choose Mustard Lane... every time!" - Kristal Mallookis

"Mustard Lane has joined forces with Bait Shoppe and Just Egg for the "Just Egg Music Festival Tour"! We just finished up Broccoli City in DC which mobilized  young people, companies, and community organizations to create a more RACIALLY EQUITABLE world for black Millennials and Gen Z’ers."

"And this past weekend we were at EDC (Electric Daisy Festival) which features all the best in electronic dance music in LAS VEGAS!! In June we are headed to Beyond Wonderland in Washington state and then Bonnaroo in Tennessee for some more fun and camping adventures. Laners and Just Egg are making their way across the USA. Laners are saying these music fests are SO fun and everyone attending is loving Just Egg. You can find it in a grocery store near you!" - Jillian Schiralli

"Continuing the longstanding tradition of working multi day activations at Brookfield Properties in NYC - Arts Brookfield presented free Racquet Courts and Games to play at both Brookfield Place and Manhattan West this month. Each property housed 1-3 courts for players to pass by, sign up and enjoy a free game of Badminton or Pickleball."

"What's Pickleball, you say? Google it. I had to. And of course there's Badminton, you know that game your Grandpa tried to get you to play as a kid but you couldn't stop laughing in his face whenever he would say 'shuttlecock'? Maybe that's just me. 
Our Brand Ambassadors worked the info tent each day for about 10 days straight of free games! Be on the lookout, free games will be coming soon to Brooklyn Commons if you're up for it!" - Deven Anderson

"Things have been getting busier and busier for Mustard Lane with every coming month and May was no exception! 
One of my favorite events I staffed this month was an event for Etsy. Our big team of Laners helped out with check-in, numerous photo booths, temporary tattoo stations, karaoke, and other fun activities."

"Another awesome event this month was an activation for Smirnoff at the first ever Billboard MusicCon in Las Vegas. Our Vegas Laners had a great time greeting concert-goers and facilitating interactive event elements!" - Susie Gannon