Monthly Recap – March!

M / L

March Laner Madness!!! What a month! Happy Laners and happy clients. So much happening around here that we couldn’t wait to share some stand out moments and Laners from this last month on the Lane. 294 shifts worked, 34 client partnerships, and 96 activations…we are SPRINGing into April with full force!! Let’s hear what our internal team has been up to over the last month!

“We are really feeling the momentum from the event world as there is a lot going on! We had an extremely busy March and we are bidding on some really cool upcoming projects for Spring and Summer. We have also landed a couple of new brand and event partnerships! Our internal team is onboarding new hires daily from all across the country. The Lane is growing and my mustard heart is so full!!” – Kristal Mallookis

“NYC’s new normal has been Meaux’s big gain! A lot of businesses no longer have offices in the city as more and more employees work from home so we have been hosting companies off-site meetings when they need to gather safely! It’s been really great to see the employees greet their “Zoom colleagues” for the 1st time in real life or old friends reunite after 2 long years of working remote. There has been lots of brainstorming, client meetings and even leadership conferences taking place each week. It’s been really great watching the city reopen.”

“We had another great event this weekend where we had the privilege of providing consulting services for decor, flowers and a signature non-alcoholic bar. This Sweet Sixteen had blue, white and glitter accents and, of course we brought out the disco balls! Sushi and fruit tarts were served along with a “Blue Lagoon” mocktail. And to top it all off the afternoon ended with everyone singing karaoke! SO much fun!” – Jillian Schiralli

“The Paw Patrol CAMP store experience has returned once again, but this time to Burlington Massachusetts! The CAMP activations are always high energy and filled with such fun activities for our Laners to help guide ridiculously excited children through. While the hours may be long, and you will find yourself being able to fall asleep within seconds of closing your eyes after a Paw Patrol shift – the children and families make it all SO worth it. A child’s love and genuine excitement for all things Paw Patrol is truly something to behold and admire.”

“The team hired for this Burlington activation continually amazes me and I could not be more THANKFUL and EXCITED to keep working with them each weekend. From our most veteran ALL-STAR Laner in Boston who has stayed with us through thick and thin, Alicia Taylor – to some up and coming / relatively new Laners who are taking the Boston area by storm, Brendan Haines and Joslyne Cox – we could not be happier and more proud to work with such magnanimous individuals on this project. Dedication. Professionalism. Charisma. Just a few of the qualities these beautiful Boston laners have in spades! Way to go Boston!!” – Deven Anderson

“An ML event that stood out to me this month was the Amazon Blue Room at SxSW in Austin, TX. Our teams were on site for 3 days representing Amazon at their lounge for press, influencers + talent. We had such all stars working this event.”

“We were especially lucky to have seasoned Laner, Iris Vonn and brand new Laner, Tiara Bree manage the teams for these shifts. They are both shining star Laners and I cannot express my appreciation + gratitude for both of them!” – Susie Gannon