Monthly Recap – March

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Laners!! Spring has SPRUNG and here on the Lane we are moving back into busy season! With 468 shifts worked by Laners, 88 amazing events in 13 different markets, and 24 happy clients...March madness is upon us. We had so much fun reading through your submitted questions via IG for our internal Laner team. We have compiled our favorites and answered them below! Enjoy!

First Up : Kristal Mallookis!

What is your favorite music decade? (From @lukafric)

Such a tough question as it depends on my mood. But if I have to choose one I'll have to stick to the 90's. 

Suggestions to overcome speaking in front of crowds? (From @3llaine) 

I definitely struggle with public speaking BIG TIME... always have! I like to write down what I need to say and read aloud a few times on my own and continue to review so it's fresh in my mind. Remembering to take deep breaths before, during and after also helps calm my nerves. It's so easy to forget to breathe. The more you do it the easier it is! 

Jillian Schiralli

What's your favorite pizza in NYC?! (From (@sophiebrubaker)

This may be a controversial answer but my fave pizza in NYC is from a place called Emmy Squared. It's NOT New York style, but let me tell's DELICIOUS. It's a square pie with crusty edges and a pillowy, soft center. I'm a sucker for making my own with vodka sauce base and meatballs. Wow, I'm ordering that for dinner tonight!

What's your favorite part of your job? (@sharongc) 

The fave part of my job is probably my colleagues! I know it's cheesy( like Emmy Squared pizza) but even if I'm having a crappy day, the team always makes me feel better. From bouncing off ideas with one another or having a sounding board to complain, the vibes are good at the ML Internal office!

Deven Anderson

What is my biggest Pet Peeve? (From (@kmallookis)

This is like asking a Film Studies student what's their favorite movie. THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY. 

Funny enough, the majority of my pet peeves reside in a Movie Theatre. As a 'raging introvert' who holds the movie-going experience in high regard, I easily get upset and fume in a movie theatre at the slightest disturbance. Please think twice about inviting me to your next Friday night movie gathering. 

1. Taking a phone call in a movie theatre or straight up shopping on amazon during a flick - I PROMISE YOU, YOU DON'T NEED THAT PREMIUM GARLIC PRESS RIGHT NOW. Break free from your basic attention span shackles by paying attention to this highly underestimated animated classic of Minions: Rise of Gru. 

2. Smacking your Popcorn. Close your flippin flappin flippin mouth, you incognizant neanderthal. Nobody wants to hear the sound of your oppressed incisors and dilapidated saliva glands chomping away at overpriced stale popcorn and working overtime to make up for your clear lack of general awareness. Please go away, k thanks bye. 

3. I know you can choose seats these days - but please.....if it's a generally empty theatre (according to the website seat selection process) - PLEASE REFRAIN from choosing a seat RIGHT NEXT TO that one solo person who purchased his ticket weeks ago to this 10am screening of Titanic 3D re-release. You have codependency issues and this early bird viewing of star crossed lovers breaking down socio economic maritime walls is not the time to address them. 

Can you please keep the stache? (@jasonmichaelmiller)

To know me is to know that I am incapable of growing a mustache without incurring looks of quiet disgust as I pass by.  It's not great folks. I've been needlessly trying to convince myself that it will 'eventually fill in.' It's not going to. I'm in denial. It is sketch as F*CK. I could easily get a gig doing Police Line Ups for Sex Offenders. Haha. Ok too much. 

In fact if you really know me, you know that I have (in fact) built cardboard mustaches for shows I have been in. 

But to answer Jason Michael Miller's request - YES. I AM TRYING. I'm in a show coming up where I hope to play Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday - so I am really going to try. 

Thank you for your continued support Jason. 

Matty Borchers

What is the funniest and wildest thing you've been asked at an event? (From @chasejerm)

There are so many random one-off interactions with people, particularly with gigs in the streets of NYC..I should start writing them down because I simply can't remember them, as outrageous as they might be. But honestly the "wildest" moments are the smaller things that actually blow my mind a when 1) an extremely wealthy/high-profile person asks to have multiple of the free giveaway.. 2) someone asks me the most obvious of questions.. or 3) someone has an ask of me or the other BA's that lacks acknowledgement of us being humans ..(standing in the cold w/out jackets, not taking a break, getting them coffee..) WILD, I tell ya!

Favorite gig? (From @zekee.silos)
    Oh this is tricky.. but I'd say that the pop-up promoting the new Whitney Houston movie this past Dec. is definitely up there. Fun costumes, endless amazing pics, a stellar team...all while celebrating Whitney and listening to her hits?! DONE.

Susie Gannon

Where would you consider living if you ever moved away from NYC? (@luucyyluu_) 

I really love the Hudson Valley area which is just north of NYC. I love its proximity to NYC and how beautiful it is. Mountains and trees and fresh air and lots of cute towns and such nearby. I grew up on Long Island not too far from the city & I don't think I'd necessarily want to move back there, so the Hudson Valley would be my pick! If the Hudson Valley doesn't count because it's so close to NYC, I'd say another Metropolitan city in another country perhaps? I love Amsterdam, London, & Sydney in particular.

If I gave you 10 million dollars to record a cover album, what song are you singing? (@jasonmichaelmiller)

Wow, this is such a tough question and I'm not sure I can narrow it down to just one song! Some songs I think I'd include on a cover album would be: "Your Song" by Elton John, "New York State of Mind" by Billy Joel, "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin, "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell, "Rich Girl" by Hall & Oates, "Friends Fall in Love" by Rachael & Vilray, Miss Simone by Sara Bareilles. I'm mostly a huge musical theater nerd, but these would be my picks from the world of music outside that genre.

Karen Webb

Which brand would you most want to model for/represent? (@jasonmichaelmiller)

Without missing a beat…Idyllwind by Miranda Lambert! “A brand for all the confident, adventurous, perfectly imperfect women…the everyday girl who is also a badass! A brand based on loving who you are - being who you are - being comfortable in your skin - and celebrating that at whatever age or size. It celebrates women who own who they are and are making their mark.” 

I LOVE IT! With a love for family, friends, and fringe forever…and as a born and raised Georgia girl living in NYC, it’s right up my alley! Not only do I love what it stands for…the clothes, accessories, and boots are my style! “Every pair of boots tells a story”…and I’m writing mine with each pair along the way! 

 Favorite spotify playlist? (@kmallookis) 

Oooh, music is such a big part of life! Typically, I listen to full-length albums from top to bottom over playlists (lately… Lainey Wilson’s “Bell Bottom Country” and Elle King’s “Come Get Your Wife”), but if I’m turning on a playlist it really depends on where I’m at and how I’m feeling. I’m gonna have to list a variety! In the office I tend to turn on something feel-good like “oldies but goodies” or “Have a Great Day!”.  If I’m feeling something more artist specific, I might go for anything Creedence Clearwater Revival, Dolly Parton, Miranda Lambert, The Steel Woods, Brandy Clark, Marcus King, or Pink radio. If I need a little something to pump me up while cleaning or wanna have fun getting ready- anything Britney Spears…or throwbacks like “Hip Hop Club 2000” for an at-home dance party! It’s impossible to narrow it down… I could go on and on!