Monthly Recap – June

M / L

Summer has HIT and we here on the Lane are busy as ever!! This month we on-boarded over 75 Laners, worked 91 events for 30 clients, and staffed 854 shifts! Way to go team!! Our internal team has been hard at work as usual keeping the train running smoothly! Let's hear what they have been up to over the last month!

"Wow... Where the heck did the Month of June go? It has been extremely busy on the Lane...we are here, there and everywhere... seriously. It has been a wild month and I am so grateful to internal ML for helping make it all happen with the support of our amazing LANERS who continue show their mustard hearts at every single event." - Kristal Mallookis


"Meaux had a busy month with at least 1 booking every week! We had our first networking event with our nonprofit, Off the Lane. This event was a mixer for our newest program, ColLab! ColLab will help cultivate and connect NYC-based artists of various disciplines to create innovative pieces. It was a beautiful evening of wine and... collaboration. We can't wait to see what great pieces come out of this mixer."

"We also had a bridal shower with drinks themed after the soon to be bride and groom! So cute! We had a film shoot where addiction specialists were interviewed in a panel style in our kitchen. We can't wait to see the final product. It was also another busy month with company off-sites. 2022 is the year of the offsite for sure. We can't wait to see who rents out Meaux the rest of the summer!" - Jillian Schiralli

"Mustard Lane has been lucky enough to work several large and famous festivals this year, including Coachella, Stagecoach and now NYC GovBall! Representing BudLight Seltzer at NY GovBall in Flushing Queens this year, our tight knit team worked approximately 33hours in three days for a jam packed concert experience! The activation involved a small intimate stage with performances, photo Op Moments as well as a Back Of House position."

"To make things even more interesting, our hard working Laners worked with a client/production company that has a sore reputation for being unorganized, and unsympathetic. BUT our team rallied and overcame all obstacles to provide an incredible experience for all who took the time to visit their experience! Overcoming obstacles and troubleshooting onsite issues is a part of the job description, even when involving people and we could not be more proud of our Laners for handling such a massive and important event with patience and care. This is why we love our Laners, they are strong, resilient and full of energy - ready to tackle even the slightest challenge." - Deven Anderson

"We have been super busy this month working on some super fun pop-up activations! One of them was a 10 day event in Soho for Doordash's DashMart. Our Laners looked adorable in their yellow aprons, as they facilitated a giant claw machine experience, giving out some free goodies."

"Another super fun event I worked on this month was H&M's Hôtel Hennes pop-up in Soho. Our cast of Actor/Brand Ambassadors staffed this kooky "hotel" pop-up full of photo ops and fun surprises. We took a little ML Internal field trip to visit the team which included ML Internal's own Deven Anderson, as the concierge!" - Susie Gannon