Monthly Recap – July

M / L

Summer is coming to a close, but that hasn't slowed down work here on the Lane! In July we had 60 events with 895 shifts worked!! WOW! We also onboarded 52 new Laners! (Welcome to the crew!!) Such an exciting time to be a part of our Laner community! Our internal team has been hard at work on some really exciting projects! Let's hear from our team about what they have been working on in July!

"This month has been jam packed with some epic events. July has been one of the busiest months in ML history and my Mustard Heart couldn't be more full. Thank you to our internal ML for making sure that every Laner is set up for success.  And to our Laners... Thank you for being in the trenches with your Mustard Hearts doing whatever needs to be done. You are the reason that we have the reputation of being the best." - Kristal Mallookis

"This month was jam packed with amazing events. I mean...PACKED! One of my faves was the Colosseum/ Gladiators event that took place in both NYC and LA! All the men looked amazing in their gladiator outfits and helped promote the new show "Colosseum" on the History Channel. They posed for pics in front of these cool 3-D artwork and handed out Italian ice."

"Passersby LOVED it and really enjoyed the cool Italian ice on a hot day. Working with our partners at Civic Entertainment was a joy and we had so much fun casting this one. We can't wait to watch the show!" - Jillian Schiralli

"Mustard Lane is back at San Diego Comic Con this year! ML successfully staffed over 60 positions spread across 6 different events at a Convention housing approximately 130,000 guests spread across 4 fun filled days!  SDCC has been massive this year!
Some major highlights for SDCC this year were: IMDB Docked Boat - Our BA's were staffed on board the 'California Spirit' for a VIP event involving evening parties, celebrities and executives! House of Dragon - The staff helped control the massive line for this HBO Castle Pop Up experience! Promoting the upcoming Game of Thrones spinoff show!"

"Amazon VIP Dinner Rings of Power - This one day only event had staff riding shuttle busses, stationed at various hotels and coordinating guests for a VIP Dinner celebrating Amazons new Lord of the Rings spinoff show 'Rings of Power!' Krapopolis Toga/Slide event - For four full days our staff were stationed at the New Children's Museum in San Diego for people to enjoy a 37ft tall pop up slide! Our BA's were stationed in the area in full Toga costumes! Paramount+ - Staffed inside the very heart of the Convention center our team of 6 BA's helped promote the Streaming service and pass out cool swag!" - Deven Anderson

"We worked on yet another Windup Watch Fair with one of our favorite clients, Worn & Wound this month. This time, it was our Chicago Laners that worked representing various watch brands, informing event attendees about the different watches and brand details."

"Another super fun event our Laners worked on this month was an event in Brooklyn with Carol's Daughter and Mama Glow, raising awareness for a program called Love Delivered which brings awareness to Black Maternal Health, providing resources, guidance, & support to black mothers and birthing people. Our Laners had an amazing time working with one of our favorite clients, Civic, engaging with the community." - Susie Gannon